Eduonix - C++ Development Tutorial Series - The Complete Coding Guide [93% Off]

Eduonix - C++ Development Tutorial Series - The Complete Coding Guide   

Eduonix - C++ Development Tutorial Series - The Complete Coding Guide
$149 $10 93% Off

  • Lectures 76
  • Length 5.5 hours
  • Skill Levels All Levels
  • Languages English

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C++ has become an unsung hero of programming languages around the world, fueling (full or in part) power packed websites and systems such as Facebook, YouTube, and even Google. This has led to this amazing language becoming a standard for anyone who wants to learn languages that are fast, simple and powerful. It is also imperative, object-oriented and has generic programming features.
However, there are a lack of easy courses that can help master this complicated language. And, we’ve designed one to do just that!
This course has been designed as a complete guide to help newbies as well as intermediate and advanced programmers learn this brilliant language. The course focuses on the fundamentals of the language, breaking it down to the core.

The course includes basics such as setting up a project, simplifying the basic syntax, understanding features such as functions, loops, streams, data types, classes and so on.
The course isn’t like the other boring theoretical courses, but instead includes a number of examples at every stage to help you gain more practical knowledge and learn this course faster. You will also be provided with the full source code to aid in development during and after this course. The source code is free to use in as many projects as you wish.
You are in the capable hands of an expert instructor who teaches as a university on a variety of topics in Games Programming from Games Design to OpenGL Shader Programming – all of which include C++.
Topics that are covered in this course:
  • C++ programming
  • Desktop programming
  • Software development
  • Cross platform development
  • Basic C++ knowledge
  • And so much more!
So, what are you waiting for? Become a master programmer by learning C++!
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