Udemy - 12 Steps to build your own Website with WordPress [Free]

Udemy - 12 Steps to build your own Website with WordPress 

Udemy - 12 Steps to build your own Website with WordPress

  • Lectures 83
  • Length 4.5 hours
  • Skill Levels All Levels
  • Languages English
  • Published 5/2018


Hi there! Welcome to this Course on 12 Steps to build your own Website with WordPress. As the name suggests this course is designed to reveal all the secrets that everyone uses to build a website with WordPress.
This course is focused on helping you to watch and learn how a WordPress Website is build from scratch. There is no guess work or read stuff later. 
You will watch how I perform 12 steps from buying a domain name to deploying the website. Entire buying process, configuration process and setup up is discussed and shown in detail. You just have to watch me do it and follow along the step.
You can even download this 12 steps guide with all the step by step instructions pictures that can help for all your future projects. Consider this guide as your Cheat Sheet guide for any WordPress Site deployment.
Watch out the Bonus Sections for more details.
No missing steps or guessing work. All the steps used to build this website are captured in this course. All you have to do execute the steps that I have done and you will end up with a clean & professional website with solid security features.
These are the 12 steps that you will learn in this course
  • STEP 1: Register & Purchase a Domain Name
  • STEP 2: Register & Purchase Web Hosting Space
  • STEP 3: Map Domain Name with Web Hosting Space
  • STEP 4: Login & Install Wordpress
  • STEP 5: Login and Logout to your Site
  • STEP 6: Organize your New Site
  • STEP 7: Install & Configure Theme
  • STEP 8: Install & Configure Important Plugins
  • STEP 9: Sample Pages - Contact & About
  • STEP 10: Create Posts, Categories & Navigation Menu
  • STEP 11: Configure Widgets, Sidebars & Layout
  • STEP 12: Secure your Site
I am putting this course for FREE hoping that this course will motivate you to start building your website. At least, it will give you an Idea on what is required to build a simple website with WordPress. 
Thanks for your time and I will be here to help you to build your own website!
See you in the Course!


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